Flexible Spending
Accounts (FSA)

PayFlex will continue to administer the Flexible Spending Account options for the 2023 plan year. You are able to enroll in the FSA even if you do not enroll in Accupac’s Medical or Dental plans. Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs) are an easy and convenient way to get more out of your paycheck. It allows you to set aside a predetermined amount of your pre-tax dollars to cover certain out-of-pocket expenses as they occur throughout the benefit plan year. Since an FSA is a tax advantaged account, you will need to be able to prove that money you spend from your FSA is for eligible medical expenses. Remember to save your receipts for all of your FSA expenses.

Remember: Use it or lose it
Use all your contributions each plan year because no funds can be carried over to the next year.

Health Care Flexible
Spending Account

A Health Care FSA can reimburse you for eligible medical and dental expenses, up to the amount you contribute for the plan year. Your Health Care FSA lets you pay for qualified medical and dental care expenses not covered by your insurance plan with pre-tax dollars. The expenses must be primarily to alleviate a physical or mental defect or illness, and be adequately substantiated by a medical practitioner. For example, cash that you now spend on deductibles, copayments or other out-of-pocket medical expenses can instead be placed in the Health Care Spending Account, pre-taxed. The maximum amount you can contribute to the Health Care FSA is $3,050.*

*Subject to change per IRS guidelines

Dependent Care Flexible
Spending Account

If you need child care for your dependents to allow you or your spouse to work or attend school full-time, you can open a dependent care FSA. This allows you to be reimbursed on a pretax basis for child care. You can contribute up to $5,000 ($2,500 if married and file individual tax return) for the Dependent Care FSA for children under age 13 and for disabled adults in your care.
If you elect to contribute to the Dependent Care FSA, you may be reimbursed for:

  • The cost of child or adult dependent care
  • The cost for an individual to provide care either in or out of your house
  • Nursery schools and preschools (excluding kindergarten)

FSA Store & Mobile App

The FSA Store is a great educational and retail site that stocks thousands of FSA eligible products. Each product is clearly marked on the site to eliminate confusion about which products require a prescription and which do not. You can shop for eligible items such as bandages, vitamins, and thousand of products in between. You can also search for an eligible provider to find eligible services from dermatologists to ophthalmologist near you.
You can visit FSA Store’s Learning Center for answers to all of your FSA-related questions. The informative site is available to make sure you are aware of the many positive FSA benefits available to you.

The goal of Accupac is to help you make the most of your Flexible Spending Account, and with the many features of the FSA Store, we are confident that we can make this benefit simple and rewarding for you. Visit the FSA Store at fsastore.com.

*Subject to change per IRS guidelines

PayFlex Mobile app

With our free PayFlex Mobile app, you can easily access your account information in the palm of your hand. Simply “tap” to:

  • Check your account balance and view account activity
  • View your account alerts
  • Access the Eligible Expense Scanner to verify if an item is an eligible health care expense
  • Review a list of common eligible expense items
  • Pay your providers directly from your account
  • Take pictures of receipts and pay yourself back for eligible expenses
  • Submit a claim

What’s new with the PayFlex Mobile app?

  • PayFlex’s Eligible Expense Scanner makes it easy for you to scan an item barcode to determine if it’s an eligible health care expense.
  • Enhanced security and complimentary fraud protection.

Download now!