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Our dental plan is offered through Aetna and you have access to the PPO/PDN with PPO ll Extend network of dentists.

Under Aetna’s DPPO plan, you have the option of going in or out of the Aetna Dental network of providers. The network is extensive and the benefits are similar in- or out-of-network; however, your benefit level is higher if you use in-network providers.

In-network dentists are required to accept the Aetna Dental negotiated fee as payment in full. If you decide to use a nonparticipating dentist, your out-of-pocket expenses may be more, since you will be required to pay for any difference between the dentist’s usual fee and Aetna’s payment for the approved service. Preventive Care is covered at 100% in or out of the network (subject to plan limits).

To find a participating dentist, visit the Aetna website at Then search under “Find a Dentist.”

Accupac will give a $25 reward through payroll to any employee that receives their annual dental cleaning in 2024!

Dental plan summaries

Aetna Dental DPPO
Feature/Service In-Network Out-of-Network
Annual Deductible: Individual $50
Annual Deductible: Family $150
Annual Maximum per Person $1,500
Preventative and Diagnostic 0%  0%
Basic Services 20%* 20%*
Major Services 50%* 50%*
Endodontic/Periodontal 20%* 20%*
Orthodontia (Eligible dependent children up to age 19) 50% 50%
Orthodontia Lifetime Maximum $1,000

*Subject to annual deductible

Dental plan contributions

Biweekly employee payroll contributions
Single $13.30
Employee + Spouse $36.00
Employee + Child(ren) $36.00
Family $36.00