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When you enroll in an Accupac medical plan, you automatically receive prescription drug coverage through the CVS Pharmacy. Your Prescription drug plan will be administered through CVS Employers Health effective January 1, 2023. There is a dedicated Customer Care team available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can be reached at 844.371.0844.

Save money – use mail order!

The prescription plan also includes the CVS Caremark Mail Service Pharmacy, which allows you to purchase a 90-day supply of medications you take on an ongoing basis (known as maintenance drugs). You don’t have to worry about making a trip to the pharmacy every 30 days, and 90-day supplies typically cost less than three separate 30-day supplies.

To enroll, call Customer Care at 844-371-0844 or register at caremark.com/startnow and follow the guided steps to request a prescription.

HDHP Medical Plans HMO Select Choice POS II
(30-day Supply)
In-network Out-of-network In-network Only In-network Out-of-network
Tier 1 – Generics $15 after ded 40% of submitted cost after the applicable preferred copay $15 ded waived $15 ded waived 50% of submitted cost after the applicable preferred copay
Tier 2 – non-preferred $35 after ded Column 3 Value 3 $35 ded waived
Tier 2 – non-preferred $50 after ded Column 3 Value 4 $50 ded waived
Mail Order
(90-day Supply)
In-network Out-of-network In-network Only In-network Out-of-network
Tier 1 – Generics $30 after ded N/A $30 ded waived $30 ded waived N/A
Tier 2 – Preferred $70 after ded $70 ded waived $70 ded waived
Tier 2 – non-preferred $100 after ded $100 ded waived $100 ded waived

Go generic! Keep you and your wallet healthy

Generic drugs are prescription medications that have the same active ingredients, dosage amounts, strength, safety, and quality as brand-name prescription medications.

Yes. Laboratories that produce generic drugs must meet the same high FDA standards as the facilities of brand-name drugs, and all generic drugs are FDA-approved to be therapeutically equivalent to brand-name drugs.

When a new medicine is invented, a patent is filed so that no other company may reproduce that drug. While the patent is current, companies can charge a much higher price for the drug because there is no competition. In addition, companies often spend large amounts of money for advertising and promotion, further increasing the cost of the brand name medication.
When a medication’s patent expires, other companies may produce this drug, creating generic medications. Due to increased competition, and because these other companies rarely spend money on advertising, the price of the generic drug is significantly lower.

The appearance of brand-name drugs is protected by law, so generic drugs will have different shapes, flavors, and/or colors. However, since the active ingredients are the same, they will work the same way in your body as the brand-name drug.

No. Pharmaceutical companies have a patent on their brand name medications, so new drugs will not have a generic equivalent until the patent expires.

Even if your brand name drug is not available in generic form, there may be a different generic drug that could work just as well. Ask your doctor if a therapeutic alternative might be right for you. A generic therapeutic alternative is the equivalent for a different brand-name drug and treats your condition using a different active ingredient. If your doctor agrees, you can feel confident about using the generic therapeutic alternative and feel good about saving money too!

Fill your prescriptions on time

CVS offers convenient options for filling your medication so you never run out. Choose the one that’s right for you.

  • Pick up your refills at any CVS Pharmacy®. With more than 9,900 locations, there’s always one nearby
  • Have refills delivered to your door. You’ll pay just one copay* for a 90-day supply with no-cost shipping from CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy
  • Let us manage your refills. Sign up for automatic refills at Caremark.com or in our mobile app

CVS Digital Tools

CVS’s Digital Tools make it easy to manage your health whenever – and wherever – you like. You can look for saving opportunities, stay on top of your prescriptions and more. Here’s how CVS digital tools can help you every day.

Stay in the loop. Sign up to get email or text messages about your prescriptions, ways
to save, status updates and more.

Refill fast. Request refills quickly and keep track of prescriptions for your family in one convenient place. See how close you are to meeting your deductible and out-of-pocket cost maximum anytime.

Want more convenience? With delivery, you have one less thing to worry about. Your 90-day supplies will arrive at your door from CVS Caremark® Mail Service Pharmacy.

Like to save? Filling your Rx in 90-day supplies usually comes with savings. Plus, there’s no extra cost for shipping.

Explore Rx savings options. Find out if your Rx is covered or if you could pay less for it. And see if options like Rx delivery by mail or changing to a generic medication can save you money.

CVS Specialty

CVS Specialty provides specialized care and support along with your medication for complex conditions (such as rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, HIV and cancer).

You are given a CVS Specialty CareTeam led by pharmacists and nurses to support you 365 days a year. They’ll show you how to take your medication correctly, help you manage side effects and stay on track. Helpful resources are available at CVSspecialty.com/EducationCenter. A choice of pick up at CVS Pharmacy® or home delivery at no extra cost.

Stay on top of your prescriptions

Save time, keep costs down and stay on top of your prescriptions. Do it all at Caremark.com and the CVS Caremark mobile app.

  • Find a network pharmacy to keep medication costs as low as possible
  • See if a medication is covered to get the most affordable option
  • Compare drug costs to see where you can save
  • Sign up to get email or text messages about your prescriptions and more
  • Request refills and keep track of prescriptions for your family